Benefits of Property Investment

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Some great thoughts!

By doing your research and seeking the right information about the benefits of Property Investment, you will be able to maximize the highest financial gain from your investment property.

Property investment is a proven wealth creation strategy and is a secure investment that provides the benefit of regular income as well as capital growth.

Property investment is the most common investment for several reasons;

Security – It can be less volatile than other investments such as shares. Other investments offering similarly high levels of capital growth can often expose you to significant risk.

Capital Growth – You will benefit from capital growth as the value of your property increases over the medium to long term.
Property investors can also receive regular rental income which helps to pay for the investment.

Tax Benefits – Property related expenses are tax deductible therefore reducing the amount of tax you need to pay. Many property investors…

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Minimizing Stress in Buying a New Home

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George in the Metro

MetroBoston Publication Date October 17, 2012
By Attorney George Warshaw

The real estate market has heated up. While prices are not what they once were, prices are moving upwards with many properties selling over the asking price.

With pent up buyer demand comes stress, especially if you are selling your home and buying a new one.

Avoid the two most common mistakes that buyers make.

First, if you are selling and buying a new home don’t try to do both on the same day. Sell on one day and buy the next. There is too much that can go wrong to risk it all on the same day.

Second, don’t choose the busiest day of the week to close on your purchase.

What would happen if the deed doesn’t get recorded that day? You might not be able to move into your new home for several days. If…

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Valley property managers ordered to ‘cease and desist’

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PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Real Estate filed a cease and desist order against two local property management companies in the Valley.

An audit by the Department last month showed a shortage of $794,791.70 in the broker’s trust account…. Read more:

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A Landlord’s Guide to Dealing With a Hostile Tenant (via Colorado Legal Blog)

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These are some great thoughts!

A very wise Zen quote states, “Those who know don’t tell, and those who tell don’t know.” If you are fortunate enough to have never had a hostile tenant, then you either: a) know something great that you should tell, or b) you have not been a landlord very long. If the former is true, then feel free to stop reading here and continue in your Zen greatness. As for the rest of us, unfortunately, there is no “Staples Easy Button” when it comes to dea … Read More

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What Does A Landlord Do When A Tenant Files Bankruptcy? (via Colorado Legal Blog)

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This is a great blog post from a friend of mine who practiced Landlord-Tenant law here in AZ for several years who is now practicing in Colorado. This blog post is still applicable to AZ.

As a landlord, what do you do when your tenant files bankruptcy? Should you: a. immediately run to the courthouse and file for eviction? b. lock the tenant out of the property? c. send the tenant a letter demanding immediate payment? d. knock on the tenant’s door and inform him or her that the bankruptcy is a violation of the lease agreement, which requires him or her to move out? e. deliver a formal, written notice requesting that the tenant eit … Read More

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A silver lining in Valley’s housing

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“Experts say Phoenix-area homes are selling because investors see them as a good value. Many can hold the houses and turn them into rentals, earning a good return on the investment. Others move to resell or “flip” the properties quickly, still turning a profit because the up-front price was so low.” Read more…  by Catherine Reagor, Arizona Republic 5-28-2011


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Realty Times – Growing Rental Market Benefits Landlords

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Realty Times – Growing Rental Market Benefits Landlords.


“Millions of foreclosures have turned former homeowners into renters. In fact, there’s been a nearly 34 percent increase in rentals over the last decade, according to a USA Today analysis of U.S. Census data. That means that in 2010, nearly 35 percent of occupied homes were rented.” Read more…  by Phoebe Chongchua

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